My experience in stock trading: nice profits, but risking is dangerous.

Facebook, Netflix, Google stocks. I want to share my mistakes and my feelings about it

Last month I heard that Google’s, Netflix’s and Facebook’ stocks are on fire, according to optionmag, and I decided to try to invest on them. Google and Netflix are actually surging this year. The stocks, up to respective 32 percent and 53 percent in 2018, both just hit all-time highs.

“While both stocks are solid growth names, Netflix looks more attractive than Google” said Mark Tepper. He is the president and CEO of Strategic Wealth Partners. I heard his speech and I immediately invested on these stocks. And I managed to get a good deal.

Do you know what the paradoxical thing is? That that one was my first experience in stock trading. The enthusiasm and the satisfaction were the main feelings: the enthusiasm of having discovered a new way to earn extra money, using money to produce money. It was very stimulating and exciting. I felt incredibly satisfied for taking advantage of this opportunity.
But the enthusiasm pushed me to throw myself into this new adventure without knowing the criteria that would allow me to do it successfully.

Netflix Stock

Correlation of stock with subscribers

Let me be honest: I knew only broadly what investing in stocks meant. It was not my ground.
But the desire to try investing with my hands was so great that I could not help myself. I got scarcely informed on the platforms that allow you to buy – comfortably in front of a PC – and to sell shares, and to access directly and without filters to the stock market, and I started investing.

I bought the shares of companies on which I thought it was worth investing my money, hoping to be lucky and to have had a great intuition.
I didn’t think much about the question “On what criteria could I base myself in order to choose the company to which to entrust my savings?” and that’s where the error was.
At the beginning I was proceeding without any criteria, my decision was simply the result of a feeling: “This company inspires me because I heard good news about it!”. And I would proceed with buying only a few hundred euros of shares of this company. Yes, you understood correctly: a few hundred euros!

Fortunately a feeling came to life in me shortly after that: Fear!

I was afraid of making the wrong decisions and of losing my capital in a few days. I stopped trading, I got informed and then I started again in a more cautious way.
Thank goodness fear intervenes every time we come across something we do not know, something new. Luckily we have this mental spy that curbs the emotional drive.
If I had listened only to my enthusiasm, in fact, I would have invested all my possessions and lost them.

In the title of this post there is the phrase “risking is dangerous” and this is exactly what I want to talk about. My advice is only this: do not be afraid of fear. Always try to maintain a balance between mental (rational) and emotional (creative-exciting) energy. Obviously, technical knowledge must be present too: it should always come before any experience. You do not need to just acquire knowledge, but also to experiment it safely using demo accounts or by talking with experienced traders.

How I lost tournament to a french guy on Iq option

How I lost tournament to a french guy on Iq option

Here I am with a bit of embarrassing story to share with you. Like every respectable trader, I have a strong sense of pride too, so I’m sincere when I tell you that I find a bit difficult to talk about my failures. But we all know that entering the trading world failure and bankrupt is always around the corner and the things you can actually do to avoid them are limited. 

And yeah, it’s My colleague Max, who won me at iq options tournament !

One of the most important quality for a good trader is a strong luck, and I proudly had this quality since the beginning of my trading activity. But, regardless, I have to admit that sometime I fail.

One hell of a tournament

Like you guys know using Iq option platform you can test your luck and try to earn more money faster by showing up in binary trading tournaments. This is an easy way to invest with just a minimum financial risk, but the competition can bring you great profits as much as delusion and failures. But if you trust in your luck and your acuity why not to try? So I decided to take part to one of this competition, with other 29 expert traders, and I invested a good amount on money trusting the blind goddess to do the rest. 

Well, that time unlucky thing was that in the tournaments showed up a french guy that totally beat me up with less investments than me. He showed great guess for business and it totally surprised me reaching the tournament first place, with a win of over one hundred dollars. I have to admit that I was very pissed at first, but I have to recognize that he earned the first price and he saw deeper and farer than me. Even though I did totally underestimate him at the tournament’s beginning, now I would very like to met him to congratulate! 

Trading is not always a fair business, but the best traders have in common a good quantity of integrity that keeps them up in trading world counting mostly in their skills, and I have always admired people like that and I always struggled to become like this. So that tile I just accepted that there was someone better than me in that tournament and, even if a bit pissed, I’m happy that the french guy earned what he deserved. 


Life started to unravel after I strolled past adolescence into adulthood proper. Back those high school days, the exuberance was befuddling, I barely thought outside the walls of the school. All that swam in my mind was been a celebrated knight of the college among my peers and basking in the domestic fame of my football team’s successes. Well, it was as sweet as it was brief.

Now am graduated at Wittenborg University

With a bang, life pounced on me after graduation, and I was caught in the quest for survival, armed with no more than a lazy attitude to work in the conventional office space. Certainly, it dawned radiantly on me that the days of killer smiles and romantic winks were over, the bills have started counting and someone has got to take responsibility for them. Such a young me was thrust into the shoes of an adult to fend for himself.

I started work with the uttermost reluctance as a banker. I had a revolting disgust for the job truly. I didn’t want to be counting people’s money, I wanted to count mine, large wads fat and hefty. I knew instantaneously that the office wasn’t my habitat. I couldn’t be caged in my suit, my sense of wildness was bursting for release – my entrepreneurial appetite for risk-taking was aching to be unleashed. Back in college, I used to try my hands on the forex market, but the haze and bustling fun never allowed me to concentrate. How was I going to concentrate when I didn’t want a more ripped body than mine in the dressing room of our football team? I had needed a muscular torso that could cause traffic on a beach.

My new Forex adventure… From nothing !

Alright, so back to my draining adventures as a banker, my natural positivity was dripping from me. In the latter phases, it was no longer dripping; my positivity was gushing away from me and I was getting terribly starved of satisfaction. By then I had saved a reasonable chunk of money from my job across the years. I was gradually drifting towards a rehab as depression was beginning to raid me. Almost losing my mental elasticity, it was clear I was very close to breaking point.


All this while I have been working in the bank, when I get home, I jump on my computer and study some forex charts. Every bar and candlestick beamed life to me, my heart danced generically to the trends and it enjoyed the flood of adrenaline in the volatility (here’s an article about my state of mind) that accompanied whipsaw markets. I started out with a demo account and traded with play money, trying to master the technical discrepancies of the market.

Charts, charts… And charts again !

Although the risk environment was oblivious since I was trading with play money (with nothing to lose), I mustered enough mental stamina to stay focused and determined. With a glowing stretch of winning trades, I got convinced to move to a real account to trade with real money. I would risk a handful of dollars, I would lose and I would win. As time crept by accumulating into years, the winning was becoming more consistent. Coupled with the “sentence” I was serving in the office as a banker, I knew I had to deport myself back to my world: my little exciting world of online trading.

So off I went into full-time trading. If I told you that it was a smooth frolicking journey all the way, I would tell you next that the Pope was opening a Vodka factory, both of them lies! It was never easy. Have you ever got to think why every successful man tells you the start was never smooth?

Because naturally, nature is stingy and wouldn’t give you anything for free. Nature was not going to give me winning positions in the forex on a glittering platter of gold. No exaggeration, but I planted in loads of hours, studying and peering over the market to the tiniest details while cooking together my fundamental and technical analysis into my personal Holy Grail trading strategy.

Don’t mean to scare you but I wasn’t successful munching a mouthful of pizza making away amiably with some well-toned models on the beaches of Miami. I wasn’t wetting my rosary either with prayerful kisses imploring Holy Mary to beg heavens to intercede for me with winning positions. It was largely efforts all the way. I stayed stretch of hours on my computer carefully studying the market, observing patterns and predicting imminent market movements.

New market movement : new stress !

One early debacle I suffered in my beginning trading days was trying to keep my emotions carefully corked in a bottle, controlled. At the beginning, I was psychologically erratic. That means I was emotionally explosive and most times I was making trading decisions not from my strategy but from an emotional irritability to prevailing market conditions. The surprising thing really was that this hysterical irresponsibility and abject indiscipline that was plaguing me was strange as I didn’t have to grapple with it in when I traded while still being a banker.

A such debilitating financial melodrama…

Such debilitating melodrama was understandable given that upon straddling myself with the complete weight of full-time forex trading came its new emotional weight and pressure that I was not accustomed to. I didn’t have a job anymore and fear flamed in the chambers of my mind over if I could get bankrupted from a sustained stretch of losing positions. Greed also came into the party uninvited, and I would strangely ignore my stop loss in a losing position, in the hope that the market would miraculously turn around to support my position. But online trading wasn’t a domain of luck but of calculated synchronization between cause and effect. If you trade carelessly, you lose recklessly; it was assured! Worst still, every loss I sustained further punctured my confidence and in no time I was fidgeting in open positions in the forex.

But with time came experience and soon I knew the ropes. I could keep my cool while trading. Blending my newfound emotional composure with my refused technical onus of the market, I was swimming in a land flooded with milk and honey. I keep to my stop loss, carefully moderate the use of leverage ratios and a delectable sense of money and risk management. Now I make good money from online trading, sorry, very good money I mean. The last time I drove past my previous boss,he asked if I won a lottery. I calmly smiled and replied, “No, online trading (forex) won me.”


Best “day trading courses” : my opinion

Running a search in the internet to learn about day trading landed me on particularly interesting descriptions of what it is all about. For the case of this article, one caught my eye. It describes day traders as individuals who are well funded and the interesting bit is that they have to be well educated. With that in mind, I have to direct you to the best trading courses that I can guarantee for sure that you will, by all means, be well educated with the best courses such as the top ones that I will mention below:


The Day Trading Academy

The DTA was founded by Marcello Arrambide in 2011 after being in the trade business since 2002. Its focus is mainly on futures trading, mainly that of E-Mini S&P 500 futures. Their method of teaching is based on price action thus enabling one to read and anticipate market moves allowing one to adjust to market conditions. The study combines this with indicators to assist new traders see the unfolding of price action.

In addition, the study adds an online course and video for support to highlight each point building up from basics to the climax of adapting to trading strategy. Exercises are provided and submitted for review. It also makes available personal mentoring and weekly webinars.

It costs $2,997 for the course.


The Stock Whisperer

Stephanie Kammerman

The Stock Whisperer was founded by Stefanie Kammerman in 2010 who began trading in 1994. It is a trading room of different courses and services where Stefanie offers a free daily whisper of the day which include ETFs and stocks of the day and important price levels. The Java Pit is where you get to watch Stefanie live trade signals by paying $9.95 for the first month and $69.95/month after that.

Courses come in choices after or during which one can choose to join The Java Pit. Main courses are Counting Cards on Wall Street split in three parts, that is $99, $249 and $249. Alternatively, one can choose the Rudy Education Package for $623 that comes with What’s Inside the Candle worth $299 which is a significant save for the buyer.


TradePro Academy

TradePro Academy was founded by George Papazov in 2012 but begun trading in 2001.

TradePro Academy makes different courses and services available to you. It offers one with the opportunity to take short term options trades for both day and swing trading depending on the strategy.

The Path to Profits is the course that will introduce you to the options market and then teaches traders a reliable options trading approach with rewards and risks fixed n each trade.

The course involves a free options refresher, volatility assessment, choosing the best trade options, constructing a trading plan, among many others for a full/part time day trading.

It costs $147 for the study or a $79/month subscription to Paths to Profits Course alongside other courses at TradePro Academy.