Best “day trading courses” : my opinion

Running a search in the internet to learn about day trading landed me on particularly interesting descriptions of what it is all about. For the case of this article, one caught my eye. It describes day traders as individuals who are well funded and the interesting bit is that they have to be well educated. With that in mind, I have to direct you to the best trading courses that I can guarantee for sure that you will, by all means, be well educated with the best courses such as the top ones that I will mention below:


The Day Trading Academy

The DTA was founded by Marcello Arrambide in 2011 after being in the trade business since 2002. Its focus is mainly on futures trading, mainly that of E-Mini S&P 500 futures. Their method of teaching is based on price action thus enabling one to read and anticipate market moves allowing one to adjust to market conditions. The study combines this with indicators to assist new traders see the unfolding of price action.

In addition, the study adds an online course and video for support to highlight each point building up from basics to the climax of adapting to trading strategy. Exercises are provided and submitted for review. It also makes available personal mentoring and weekly webinars.

It costs $2,997 for the course.


The Stock Whisperer

Stephanie Kammerman

The Stock Whisperer was founded by Stefanie Kammerman in 2010 who began trading in 1994. It is a trading room of different courses and services where Stefanie offers a free daily whisper of the day which include ETFs and stocks of the day and important price levels. The Java Pit is where you get to watch Stefanie live trade signals by paying $9.95 for the first month and $69.95/month after that.

Courses come in choices after or during which one can choose to join The Java Pit. Main courses are Counting Cards on Wall Street split in three parts, that is $99, $249 and $249. Alternatively, one can choose the Rudy Education Package for $623 that comes with What’s Inside the Candle worth $299 which is a significant save for the buyer.


TradePro Academy

TradePro Academy was founded by George Papazov in 2012 but begun trading in 2001.

TradePro Academy makes different courses and services available to you. It offers one with the opportunity to take short term options trades for both day and swing trading depending on the strategy.

The Path to Profits is the course that will introduce you to the options market and then teaches traders a reliable options trading approach with rewards and risks fixed n each trade.

The course involves a free options refresher, volatility assessment, choosing the best trade options, constructing a trading plan, among many others for a full/part time day trading.

It costs $147 for the study or a $79/month subscription to Paths to Profits Course alongside other courses at TradePro Academy.

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