How I lost tournament to a french guy on Iq option

How I lost tournament to a french guy on Iq option

Here I am with a bit of embarrassing story to share with you. Like every respectable trader, I have a strong sense of pride too, so I’m sincere when I tell you that I find a bit difficult to talk about my failures. But we all know that entering the trading world failure and bankrupt is always around the corner and the things you can actually do to avoid them are limited. 

And yeah, it’s My colleague Max, who won me at iq options tournament !

One of the most important quality for a good trader is a strong luck, and I proudly had this quality since the beginning of my trading activity. But, regardless, I have to admit that sometime I fail.

One hell of a tournament

Like you guys know using Iq option platform you can test your luck and try to earn more money faster by showing up in binary trading tournaments. This is an easy way to invest with just a minimum financial risk, but the competition can bring you great profits as much as delusion and failures. But if you trust in your luck and your acuity why not to try? So I decided to take part to one of this competition, with other 29 expert traders, and I invested a good amount on money trusting the blind goddess to do the rest. 

Well, that time unlucky thing was that in the tournaments showed up a french guy that totally beat me up with less investments than me. He showed great guess for business and it totally surprised me reaching the tournament first place, with a win of over one hundred dollars. I have to admit that I was very pissed at first, but I have to recognize that he earned the first price and he saw deeper and farer than me. Even though I did totally underestimate him at the tournament’s beginning, now I would very like to met him to congratulate! 

Trading is not always a fair business, but the best traders have in common a good quantity of integrity that keeps them up in trading world counting mostly in their skills, and I have always admired people like that and I always struggled to become like this. So that tile I just accepted that there was someone better than me in that tournament and, even if a bit pissed, I’m happy that the french guy earned what he deserved. 

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